Jeremy Kai is a photographer from the photogenic metropolis of Toronto. While attending school at the Ontario College of Art and Design, he became fascinated by the built environment and how humans have altered natural landscapes to facilitate urban development.

His underground photography explores the concepts of urban watersheds and the methods in which cities interact with water and waste water. These processes go mostly unobserved by the general public. Kai hopes that by documenting the city's lost rivers and overlooked spaces beneath the streets, he can awaken a new sense of mystery and mythology in the minds of urban dwellers everywhere.

His first book, Rivers Forgotten, is published by Koyama Press. It was released December 2011 and features his underground photography

Note: Storm drain and sewer systems are hazardous and unpredictable environments. The photos on this site were taken as a result of careful, comprehensive planning and extensive research into individual functions of each system. Substantial safety measures were taken.
The risks are not always obvious.

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